You've done roses more times than you care to remember.  Chocolate won’t work with her new diet or workout routine.  And it's a little too soon for diamonds… what to do, what to do?  If you're looking for an original and thoughtful way to make this the best Valentine's Day she's ever had, surprise her with an evening out in a beautiful stretch limousine.

Regardless of whether it's your third date, or your one-hundred and third date, hiring a limo for Valentine's Day is a smart, safe and impressive way to make the most of your evening.  It allows you to focus on each other, as opposed to fumbling over directions, traffic and intoxicated drivers.

Here are just a few reasons to consider upping the romance factor of your special night with a stretch limousine.


Limo for Valentines Day

Last Minute Dinner Night Out!

Dinner Special 4 hours only $179!!!

** Includes Champaign! ***

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Show Your Love and Appreciation

It's about so much more than simply showing up in a big, luxurious vehicle; it's that you took the time to do something amazing… something that would allow the two of you ample privacy, and some much needed alone time.  A limo on Valentine's Day says that you didn't wait until the very last minute, and that you wanted the night to be extra special.  For an added touch, most modern limousines, allow you to access their advanced audio/video systems with your iPod or mobile, allowing you to get even more creative by preparing your own playlist for the night.

A Safe and Luxurious Alternative to Driving

While the rest of the world's romantics are caught up in looking for parking spaces and yelling at their GPS devices, you and your special someone will be carelessly sipping champagne on soft leather seats, under dim lights, on your way to a fabulous dinner, concert, or whatever you've planned.  The roads can be dangerous on nights such as these, but that's something you won’t have to worry about.  Having a professional driver at your disposal, makes hitting the town more fun than you can imagine.

Ideal for Relationships New and Established

Another reason to consider getting a limo for Valentine's day, is that they are appropriate for both new and existing relationships.  Whether you're boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged, recently married, or a long-time couple, a limo can add romance and adventure to your night.  From simple drives to and from your restaurant, to more elaborate trips and scenic tours, it's never too soon or too late to spice things up and surprise your Valentine!

If you're like so many in the Syracuse NY area, who are desperately looking for unique Valentine's Day ideas, a limo is perfect.  To ensure that you hire an experienced and well-respected limo company, be sure to call Syracuse Limo Bus., a leader in Syracuse limo services since 1996.