Those who know their upstate NY club scene, know that Club Lava Syracuse is arguably the hottest dance clubs in the area.  Whether you're a weekend clubber, a regular, or the occasional visitor, Lava is a great place to dance, drink, unwind and meet new friends.  Recently, we've noticed a trend; more and more of our guests are booking limos to Club Lava.

Club Lava Turning Stone Syracuse NYSo, as we like to do here, we engaged our guests for their thoughts on the matter.  Why Club Lava, why this particular limo, etc…  The most overwhelming response was that taking a limo to limo to the club, has a very distinct way of setting a great tone for the entire night.  There's something about being dropped off at the doorsteps of the hottest club in town, in a stunning Superstretch limo.  Every head turns, every jaw drops, and every set of eyes is on you.

What many people don't realize, though, is that Syracuse Limo has been offering service to Club Lava since its inception.  It is clearly one of the most popular reasons for hiring a limo, especially among younger crowds and those who appreciate the highest level of luxury and service.  The benefits are endless:  You don't need to worry about driving intoxicated, you have the freedom to enjoy your friends and guests, and the luxurious atmosphere within each limousine is nothing short of spectacular.

In light of the overwhelming demand for limousine club service to Lava, we've taken the liberty of creating dedicated specials for service to and from the club.  If you're wondering whether or not booking a car will be too expensive, don't.   We know that young adults are just starting off in the world, so we've tailored a number of specials that will allow you to travel in style, without going broke.

Call Syracuse Limo today, for more information on taking a limo to Club Lava.  We look forward to getting you there safe, sound and in high style.