Ready to See Syracuse Basketball Home Games Unlike Ever Before

Okay, so you love your Syracuse basketball.  You bleed orange and never miss an opportunity to watch the Syracuse Orange at Carrier Stadium.  So how does a true fan find new ways to improve their game day experience?  As many throughout Syracuse have discovered, the only thing more exciting than actually getting there, is getting to the game in the comforts and luxury of a limousine. View their schedule here.

We know what you're thinking… who has the money for luxury transportation, especially after splurging for tickets, souvenirs, food and drinks?  This is where some of the most savvy fans have learned the value of splitting the cost among your group.

Syracuse Orange Limo Bus

Game Day Limousines are Affordable

When was the last time you drove to Carrier Stadium alone, honestly?  That's probably happened zero times, right?  If you're like us and other fans, we tend to travel in groups.  Let's say there are 10 of you, splitting the cost of your limousine 10 ways.  Not only will that actually reduce the amount you spend on gas and parking, but you'll be increasing the joy of your day by not having to drive there and back.

Limos Create a More Memorable Experience

Ask anyone who has rented a limousine on game day.  Unlike the act of driving yourself there, you'll be able to kick back with your friends, have a drink and enjoy an entirely new way of looking at the pre-game celebration.  Limos are timeless, elegant, and a surefire way to bond more deeply with your fellow fans… all while being able to keep your eyes off the road as much as you wish.  Try doing that on I-81 and see how far you get.

Syracuse Orange Basketball Schedule 2014-2015

Date Opponent Time Date Opponent Time
Nov. 14 Kennesaw State 7:00 PM Jan. 17 at Clemson 4:00 PM
Nov. 16 Hampton 4:00 PM Jan. 20 Boston College 7:00 PM
Nov. 20 at California 9:00 PM Jan. 24 Miami 4:00 PM
Nov. 21 at Iowa/Texas 5/7:30 PM Jan. 26 at North Carolina 7:00 PM
Nov. 25 Loyola 7:00 PM Feb. 3 Virginia Tech 9:00 PM
Nov. 28 Holy Cross 7:00 PM Feb. 7 at Pittsburgh 4:00 PM
Dec. 2 at Michigan 7:30 PM Feb. 11 at Boston College 7:00 PM
Dec. 6 St. John's 5:15 PM Feb. 14 Duke 6:00 PM
Dec. 14 Louisiana Tech 4:00 PM Feb. 18 Louisville 7:00 PM
Dec. 22 Colgate 7:00 PM Feb. 21 Pittsburgh 12:00 PM
Dec. 28 Long Beach State 2:00 PM Feb. 24 at Notre Dame 8:00 PM
Dec. 31 Cornell 6:00 PM Feb. 28 at Duke TBA
Jan. 3 at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM Mar. 2 Virginia 7:00 PM
Jan. 7 at Georgia Tech 7:00 PM Mar. 7 at North Carolina State 12:00 PM
Jan. 11 Florida State 8:00 PM      
Jan. 13 Wake Forest 8:00 PM      

It's One of the Safest Ways to Get to the Game and Back

Even if you're not drinking, there are plenty of people on the road who are.  And if you are enjoying a few libations, getting home can be a real risk.  Renting a limo for Syracuse basketball games ensures that you will not have to worry about police, DUI, road blocks, or any number of challenges that can leave you in an unfortunate situation.  And when you consider the cost of luxury transportation in comparison to being charged with driving under the influence, there's really not much of a comparison at all.

Special Rates and Deals on Syracuse Basketball Limo Service

As a limousine company in Syracuse NY, we're fans too, and we know how important it is get to the game safe and in one piece.  That's why we offer the lowest guaranteed rates on limo service to Carrier Dome, in addition to flat-rate money-saving deals on some of our most popular vehicles.  Whether you choose a stretch Hummer SUV, our Cadillac Escalade Limos, or a gorgeous superstretch, we promise to get you and your entire group there an back safely.

Call us today at 315-514-6666 to reserve yours today, or book a limo online on our secure, encrypted online reservation page.  Go Orange!